2020 Bronze Revisions Update

In 2020 the Lifesaving Society released the revised Bronze medal awards. The update improves skill progressions for a seamless flow into National Lifeguard and sets candidates up for success as they move through the Society’s lifesaving, assistant lifeguard and lifeguard continuum.


We outline the changes in three communiques:

• What’s new for instructors?

• What’s new for recertifying Bronze Cross candidates?

• What’s new for affiliates?


Highlights include:

• Bronze Star focuses on swimming proficiency, lifesaving skill and physical fitness.

• Bronze Medallion reintroduces lifesaving strokes.

• Bronze Cross introduces fundamental assistant lifeguard skills.

• Standardized Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross recertification exams.


There are no changes to prerequisites.

2020 Bronze Revisions Update (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Lifesaving Instructor (need not be current). 

100% attendance and participation required in all sessions. 

Online, synchronous instruction via Google Meet (3 hours): 6:00-9:00pm - June 20, 2022.  


Price includes new Bronze Medals Award Guide (shipping is not included). 

Shipping costs will be calculated dependant on location (approx. $20/person).

Registration closes June 13, 2022.


After registration is complete the following information will be sent to the email provided during registration:

- a link to our Google Meet meeting, and

- pick-up dates for manuals in Saskatoon and area OR

- shipping details for candidates located outside of Saskatoon and area.