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Lifesaving Society Swim for Life

At Swim Safe 306, we offer Lifesaving Society's Swim for Life program. 

Lake Lessons: All lessons will be offered in the lake, at the public beach within the listed location.


The Preschool Program is designed for children aged 3 – 5 years old. This program is instructor-led (un-parented).

Participants will become comfortable in the water, developing a healthy appreciate and respect for the water.

Learning includes a progression through basic skills such as putting face in water, submerging whole body, front and back floats, glides, and kicks. By Preschool 5, participants are learning basic front and back crawl.

Targeted Water Smart® drowning prevention messages are also delivered through water activities in all Preschool levels.

Preschool 1

We encourage the parent to participate until their child lets them know they can do it themselves. These preschoolers will have fun learning to get in and out of the water safely. They'll learn to move safely in shallow water and use a lifejacket to be comfortable with their floats and glides. We'll help them jump into chest deep water and work with them to get their faces wet and blow bubbles underwater.

Preschool 2

These preschoolers learn to jump into chest-deep water by themselves, and get in and get out wearing a lifejacket. They’ll explore the water learning to submerge and exhale underwater. Buoyant aids (PFDs) are used to help them discover rollovers, glides and flutter kicks.

Preschool 3

These youngsters will master their floats, glides and short swims on their front and back (3 m). They'll be able to pick up objects from the waist deep water and use their lifejackets to jump and roll into the deep end.

Preschool 4

Advanced preschoolers will start to learn how to support themselves in deep water and solo jumps and side rolls into deep water. These capable preschoolers will strengthen their flutter kicks and try swimming front crawl. Their lifejacket will support them while they learn to tread water and swim to safety (7 m) in the deep end.

Preschool 5

These skilled and independent youngsters will master short swims doing front crawl and back crawl (5 m). They are ready to take on a forward roll into deep water with their lifejacket on and to tread water without the extra support. Here they will get their first chance to try whip kick and fitness training.

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