Participant Waiver and Informed Consent


All lessons will take place in the lake itself, at the regional park of the lesson set, within the swimming-only area. As with any activity there are inherent risks to participation in lessons, however unlike other activities, the water environment poses an especially high risk of injury, ie. drowning. Participants will be supervised by their instructor from class start to class dismissal. All our classes will start and end on the beach, rather than in the water.

Children should always be supervised by an attentive adult outside of class times, and preschoolers should always be kept within arms reach of a responsible adult while around the water. 

We encourage guardians to be involved in their child's skill development, water safety and in-water fun. We also encourage guardians to ask any questions they may have about any aspect of their child's lesson. 


This participant waiver must be filled out and e-signed by the participant's legal guardian seven (7) days prior to the lesson set start date.


1. save this document,

2. fill it out and then

3. upload it OR e-mail it to:

2021: With COVID-19 cases still on the rise in our province, we are going to try our best to keep everyone healthy. Daily screening will occur for signs or symptoms, or contact of COVID-19, and anyone answering yes to those questions will be restricted from participation. As masks will not be permitted in the water, everyone must ensure physical distancing of 3 metres from others. Lesson equipment will be limited to reduce contact between participants. An adult guardian is required to enter the water with participants in levels Preschool 1 to 5 and Swimmer 1 to 3. Participants in the Bronze Awards will be required to bring an intermediate-advance swimmer with them to 30-50% of their course, to act out a victim while they learn rescues. All participants are recommended to wash their hands frequently and to not share objects with those outside their social circles.