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Backyard Lessons 

Private and Semi-Private Lessons in Saskatoon

Is your swimmer struggling with certain skills? Have they been out of the water for the last few years? Do they need to get comfortable with the water before they head to the lake this summer or on a family holiday? The one-on-one time of private lessons is great for swimmers to become comfortable in the water or to develop specific skills.​



  • Five 30-minute sessions Monday-Friday (Sept 5-8, Four 40-minute sessions Tuesday-Friday).

  • Up to two swimmers of the same skill level, ages 2yo and up.

  • Caregivers are not required to get in to the water during instruction, but participation from caregivers is always welcome.

  • Lessons take place in an at-home pool on Baltzan Terrace in Saskatoon (address will be shared via email 5 days prior to lesson set start date).

Registration Fees

  • Private Lesson fees $147 (total inc. tax).

  • Semi-Private Lesson fees $190 (total inc. tax), maximum of two students.

Booking & Delivery Policies

  • Registration fees can be paid online or via etransfer to:

  • Please arrive changed and ready to swim.

  • We do not reschedule lessons due to inclement weather, including: cold weather, thunder or lightning, and air quality advisories. Please see our FAQ page for more information on our weather policies. 

  • If a cancellation is required please contact us directly at We will provide: 100% refund for cancellations 10 days prior to the first day of the registered class, 75% refund for cancellations 9 days prior to the first day of the registered class, and any days on from there. No refunds will be issued for cancellations that happen after the registered class has begun.

Current Session

Fall 2023 Sessions with Emerson

Set A: September 5-8, 2023 - Four day set; 40-minute classes

Set B: September 11-15, 2023 

Set C: September18-22, 2023

Lesson Location: Baltzan Terrace, Saskatoon (address will be shared via email 5 days prior to lesson set start date)

Private lessons are ran in a backyard pool. Please arrive changed and ready to swim. 

Book Now

Book Now

More Information

More Information

Private lessons are different from group lessons - without others in the class, there is little down time between skills.

This can be challenging for swimmers with low endurance, but beneficial for skill development and correcting errors. Without peers, we are unable to see students demonstrate the Water Smart Message ‘Swim with a Buddy’.


For beginners, private lessons are a bit more 'slow-paced' allowing students to gain confidence and get comfortable in the water.

For intermediate and advance swimmers, private lessons will entail lots of laps and technique improvement. 

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